Nov. 26th-Dec. 20th SPACE—Celestial objects, Gravity, and Exploration

Between now and winter break will be traveling deep into space and examine the many types of objects in our solar system. We will also deepen our understanding of the mysterious force that holds our universe together–gravity. To wrap up our adventures in outer space we’ll be checking out human exploration of the cosmos–past, present, and future!

We’ll begin with our solar system…use the notes and information while you view the following:

Check in from time to time for more updates…this should help you understand the mysterious force of gravity…what it is…sort of.

As we wrap up our study of space…what’s out there and exploring its mysteries…check out the ISS astronauts having a little fun with things from the toy box on the space station!

The SPACE MAJOR UNIT TEST is coming your way on Tuesday the 18th….STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!!!



Now that we know about Earth’s tectonic plates and how they move…we are going to peel back the layers and see what’s underneath them and what makes them move. For more information check out what the folks from MIT have to offer on the subject!

After we build our model of the structure of the Earth’s 4 distinct layers we will really be ROCKING!!!
Rocks and the rock cycle that is. We will examine the 3 rock types and the processes that cause them to form. Learning the key words from your notes will help your understanding…so STUDY!!! For more information on the rock cycle take another look at our friends from MIT!

After we complete our examination of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks we’ll review our Earth science unit for the next major unit test coming up on the week of November 12th.

Oct. 15th-26th Earth Science–Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Layers

With our chemistry unit wrapped up its on to GEOLOGY! We’ll be getting new vocabulary and information for the next 4-5 weeks. Read and work ahead and don’t forget to budget study time into your plans every evening.

Our first exploration of the Earth will be its crustal plates…large sections of the rocky surface down to the mantle called tectonic plates. These plates are always on the move and cause the physical features and movements that shape our Earth. Take time to take a quick ride along with Tim and Moby to find out more.

When marking your calendar don’t forget our SCIENCE SPOOKTACULAR coming up on October 30th from 5-7. Hope to see all of you here!


Goggles and aprons and all of your safe lab practices will be put to use in the coming days. We are going to be working in the lab to identify signs of a chemical change. To prepare yourself for a better understanding of the strange things going on in the lab, place particular emphasis on the 10 signs of a chemical change, physical and chemical properties, and reflect back on the examples you observed in class.

As always study every time you get the chance…the more you review…the more you can do!

Try to pick out as many signs of a chemical change as you can from the following video!

Our first major unit test (CBA #1 Chemistry) is October 16th. Study guides will be made available October 5th to begin preparation…SO, STUDY-STUDY-STUDY!!!


I know what you’re thinking…”this is soooo much new vocabulary and information!” Don’t be frightened, just dig in and STUDY-STUDY-STUDY!!!

The first portion of our chemistry unit will focus on elements and compounds; what an element is and how they combine to make new substances. For an introduction to the elements check this out (just click on the link…pick and element…and find out all there is to know about it):


We’ll begin the week of the 27th continuing to brush up on measurement using the international systems of units (SI). Our goal is to begin our study of matter by calculating density using the formula…D=M/V (density is equal to mass divided by volume. When our measuring is spot on we’ll tackle our first big lab (“FLOATERS AND SINKERS). The following should help make sense of the idea of density of matter:

We’ll be out on Friday the 31st (a student holiday) and Monday the 3rd of September (Labor Day).


I hope you all had a great summer break and that you are recharged and ready to get back to work. The first few days of school will be filled with the “how to-dos” and the “dos and don’ts.” We’ll cover everything Mustang style on Wednesday and Thursday and begin lab safety on Friday.

Before we begin our investigations in the lab every student will need a LABORATORY SAFETY AGREEMENT on file in the science lab (no exceptions). This is an MISD policy and is in place to help in creating a safe working and learning environment. Check this out:

Don’t be this guy!